Saturday, November 22, 2008

Someone please save me from the candy corn

Okay, I am trying to post a recipe in my other blog but I just had to stop and post this. I have GOT to stop eating the candy corn! It's not even the good kind, it's a cheap store brand. (actually I like it better than the big name brand) When fall came around I was on a mission to find who was selling my favorite kind of candy corn. Target used to sell it a few years ago under their brand, Archer Farms. I broke out in a sweat when I couldn't find it this year. the mall the candy store had it. I only allowed myself to buy like 20 pieces, I was pretty proud of myself. I was in control. Then, I went to my brothers house for a family dinner and don't you know, his wife had some sitting in a bowl and it was THE CORN. I squeaked, "Where did you get this?" (along with other cries like "Noooo" and "I'm doomed", or so I am told) And she informed me that a local grocery chain was selling it under their store brand this year. What joy! I started planning a trip there immediately.

I did actually wait until after Halloween to go get it. The day after. It was 60 cents a bag, what a deal! I bought three. Now, here I sit with the last bag by my side and am thinking that if I put it back in the pantry then at least I would have to get up and walk each time I wanted a piece. But no, maybe it is just best to finish it off, there is only a little left. Yes, I think that I will just get it over with. Until next year anyway.

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