Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did you think I died?

So, I'm just going to jump right back in here and pretend that I never left. Happy to say that this post is a lot less dreary than the last few, my husband has been working since February and we have moved into a rental and have all of our stuff back. Sadly, while it's nice to have it back most of its importance has diminished after all that we went through. But maybe that's really not something to be sad about, it's good to have your priorities evaluated once in a while. So, let me try to update a bit with what's going on and how everyone is doing.

Yesterday was homecoming, Friday was the homecoming game and we won 70 to 6 I believe. That had to be painful to watch but I was happy for the kids because we lost the homecoming game last year. The girls went with their boyfriends, they left at different times and I couldn't get their pictures together. They looked beautiful as always.

Senior year will be busy and exciting for them. Taylor now has her drivers license and Dorian will have hers soon. They are looking at colleges and hopefully scholarship opportunities. Taylor received a partial scholarship to Rochester so far and Dorian has been solicited by a ton of colleges because of her high SAT scores. Who knows where they will end up. It's looking less and less likely that they will be at the same place which I have to admit makes me a little sad. I would have liked them to be together, as their mother I would have felt better if they could have had each other. It would be nice if we could tell them exactly where we will be once they start college but we really don't know. If all goes as planned right now we will be moving to Kent after they graduate. But I have learned that nothing in life is certain so...who knows.

Oskar started kindergarten. He is loving it, in fact last night he was bummed because there was no school today. I miss him around the house during the day but Josie makes up for him being gone, she's a lively one. He's making friends, we actually ran into a couple of them in town yesterday, he now knows more people here than I do. He is reading fairly fluently, I am so proud of him. They are getting ready to test him for the gifted program at school, I hope that goes well because I think he would benefit from the enrichment. Some photos from his fifth birthday...

Josie is now two and a full out riot. She is talking like crazy and will not be outdone in anything. We are working on potty training, please pray for me. She refuses to do number two and will literally not go for days if she thinks I am going to try to make her do it on the potty. She misses her buddy Oskar when he's at school but has no problems "taking care" of his toys while he is way. Her favorite saying is currently "Yes I are!" which she promptly tells you anytime you tell her "No, you're not." She grew out of her baby glasses and now wears "big girl" ones. I can't believe how different they make her look. Here are a few recent pics...

I'm doing fine, summer was a blur and things are finally settling back down with the kids back in school. I'm itching to do something, I need to find an outlet for all my creative energy. Hope I figure it out soon. Husband is doing well too, keeping head down at work and getting through, we are so thankful for this job. Hope everyone else is hanging in there, I'll try to not be so long between post.