Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Josie!

Today was a special day for our little peanut. After all that she has been through it was a very meaningful first Birthday. We didn't have a big celebration, just our little family, minus Taylor, and it was a perfect day. We missed you Taylor! I think she had a good day and she was in bed a half an hour early which surprised me since she had just had a considerable amount of cake and icing. Oskar enjoyed playing with her new toys as much as she did, they had a couple nice little tea parties.

She's not walking yet but she's close. She has a small vocabulary, about five or six words but I think that will be changing very soon. Funny how someone so small can have such a big personality, she takes the cake. I hope you enjoy the pictures and video, she's a treasure.


Isabel said...

My daughter saw the picture with the lawn mower and said "OH NO, its the lawn mower! They hate that thing Duran my 2yr old would ram them with it. Finally had to put it outside. Oskar looked like he had a great time. Cake looked good too.

Anonymous said...

Adorable. So adorable. That is the perfect 1st bday and that cake! Too cute. Love the pictures