Thursday, October 2, 2008

A mommy moment...

I just can't stop smiling. I have a two and a half month old and today for the first time I heard her laugh. It was a real belly laugh; I was tickling her cheeks and under her chin. I melted. She is the last of four; I have twin daughters that are 15 and a half and a son that is three. When I brought the youngest one home, my son looked at her and asked her " you like pink?" In the months before her birth I guess we had accumulated a lot of pink.

My twins are identical and even though they are alike in a lot of ways they still manage to have great differences. They are so smart and an awesome help with the younger two; I couldn't be more proud of them. You know, thinking back to when they were babies and I was just running in survival mode, I would have never guessed that they were going to become as diverse and accomplished as they are. I was practically a baby myself when they were born; God has been right there with them, there is no other explanation for the wonderful young women they have become. Oh, and one of the funniest things they ever asked me, "Mommy, who took care of us when you were little?"

My son is just a riot, so predictable and so personable. Like his sisters, he is extremely smart. He knew all his capital letters by the time he was two. I love the funny things that he says, and I hope I never forget them. They are precious. The first time he saw his baby sister breastfeed, he asked me what she was doing. I told him that she was eating her dinner. He replied, "No, she's eating you." And besides the time he made sure to specify that he wanted the milk that came out of the refrigerator that was all he ever said about that.

Some days I can't believe how blessed I am to be the mother of four of the most wonderful children. I also have to laugh at how crazy and tense and silly it can get around here. I love them, I fear for them, I worry for them, I push them to be their best, I make them mad at me. Oh, but I do it all for them, I hope that they know that some day.

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Isabel Negrete said...

I came upon your blog and saw the pic of your baby daughter she is beautiful. I to have four children (son 16, daughters 10,9, youngest 18 months). I am also a stay at home mom and I too am fanatic about house cleaning. Hope things get better for your husband.